Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'll be back. Maybe.

The three or so readers that this blog had, as well as any visitors from Pinterest, may have noticed that all the posts are gone. I have decided to end this blog and take everything down for several reasons. It was difficult to find time to write, plus it wasn't very much fun and started to feel like a chore. For a while I decided to just stop updating and leave it all as it is, but recently I realized that the people I know could find this blog and read it and I don't want them to. I am really not a writer so I would be incredibly embarrassed if a family member or coworker were to find all the poorly-worded sarcasm and unnecessary pop culture references I put in my blog posts for some reason. No one really wants to read that anyway if they were just looking for a sewing project. Also, "Ready Cut Sew" is a stupid name.

However, I still think it was a pretty good idea to put some of my work online. Maybe someday I will start a new blog that doesn't suck quite so much so everyone can see what an awesome handbag designer I am.